Definition of muddler in English:



  • 1A person who creates muddles, especially because of a disorganized method of thinking or working.

    • ‘This reviewer, however, questions whether Bryan was such a muddler as Secretary of State.’
    • ‘Evelyn Waugh might have dismissed them as pathetic muddlers who did not belong in the church.’
    • ‘People get lazy, looking for a savior, and instead just end up with another muddler.’
  • 2A type of fly used in trout-fishing.

    • ‘Rolled muddlers, tied-down minnows, mickey finns, chum and coho fry are just a few of the patterns soon to be presented by eager fly-fishers.’
    • ‘I ignored her, concentrating instead on casting my muddler minnow into the river.’
    • ‘Muddlers can be readily adapted to address most fishing opportunities you meet.’
    • ‘If you're fishing some choppy water why not try a muddler minnow across the surface.’
    • ‘Nothing beats seeing a fish chase a muddler as you strip it across the surface.’
  • 3A stick used to stir cocktails.

    • ‘Sam recommends using a good muddler (a small baseball bat-like bar tool).’
    • ‘Using a muddler, mash the limes thoroughly with the sugar.’
    • ‘Have you heard of using that muddler to actually muddle the sugar, lime and mint?’
    • ‘If you don't have a muddler, a small wooden pestle will do just fine. Add the mint, a touch of soda and two teaspoons of sugar to your mixing glass.’
    • ‘Soon, the muddler went from curiosity to an essential tool behind any cutting-edge bar.’
    • ‘I'm lucky in that regard inasmuch as Chris Gallagher, a friend who took one of my very first bartender training classes, now offers handmade, superb muddlers that he markets.’
    • ‘She disappeared into the basement to grab shakers and strainers and muddlers and all the rest of the equipment the class would need to get them through the afternoon session.’