Definition of muddie in English:



  • A large Australian crab found along northern river estuaries, highly prized as food; a mud crab.

    ‘can you really catch a muddie in the Brisbane River?’
    • ‘Apparently if you catch a female crab it's good to leave her in because she might attract the attention of a male muddie.’
    • ‘We'll be checking the crab pot each Saturday morning until we catch a muddie or give up!’
    • ‘It is believed the muddie was recaptured without major incident.’
    • ‘The first photo features the slimy character we hope will attract a muddie into our crab pot.’
    • ‘The lads are getting some muddies in the higher reaches of the river.’
    • ‘The muddies are still being picked up in North Creek.’
    • ‘Bob and I next visited the fish market down by the harbour where he had been dispatched to buy some muddies.’
    • ‘The blackfish are in their usual haunts and there are still some muddies about, apparently.’
    • ‘I even managed to tie up some muddies one-handed.’
    • ‘He said to me, “Look, Roger, he's brought us some muddies!"’


1940s: from mud + -ie.