Definition of mud turtle in English:

mud turtle


  • Any of a number of drab-coloured freshwater turtles that often haul themselves out on to mudbanks.

    an American turtle with scent glands that produce an unpleasant odour (genus Kinosternon, family Kinosternidae).

    an African side-necked turtle (genus Pelusios, family Pelomedusidae).

    an Asian softshell (genera Lissemys and Pelochelys, family Trionychidae).

    • ‘Some, such as the yellow mud turtle, burrow deeper into the soil shortly after hatching, finding safety below the frost line.’
    • ‘In 2002, the Arizona Game and Fish Department began working to develop a conservation agreement for the Sonoyta mud turtle, which is a candidate for listing under the Endangered Species Act.’
    • ‘Suspended languidly in the water, a Sonoran mud turtle poked about slowly, ‘going nowhere in plenty of time,’ as N. Scott Momaday would say.’
    • ‘Cypress trunk flutings and druidlike knees rise everywhere, and mud turtles paddle clumsily through the talmin-mirrored waters.’
    • ‘He describes the tiny black seeds, vividly, as being like ‘diminutive mud turtles with head and neck outstretched and projections at the corners where the feet would emerge beneath the carapace’.’