Definition of mud map in English:

mud map


  • A simplified diagram or sketch of a route, containing only essential features.

    ‘I had a little mud map in my pocket, showing good anchoring spots’
    • ‘"There's a ruff on Lake Illawarra," he said, and drew me a mud map of where to go.’
    • ‘Armed with a mud map provided by our friend Michelle, we headed into Narita in search of food.’
    • ‘In a second interview, he drew a "mud map" for police indicating where they would find the body.’
    • ‘Alan even drew us a mud map, showing us where to find the butcher and the best prices on beer and wine.’
    • ‘Police identified the sites after two crudely drawn mud maps were found at the house.’
    • ‘One of the employees drew up a little mud map to show us where to go.’
    • ‘They could look at a virtual mud map and identify the key landmarks before they go.’
    • ‘It is not just a mud map; it is a survey, and it is telling you that the swimming pool is within the land.’
    • ‘He said, "Look, we'll draw a mud map of the facilities that we'll have in the next ten years."’
    • ‘I hope they present a detailed alternative instead of their mud map scratched on a dinner napkin.’


Late 19th century: from the notion of a simple map or diagram drawn on the ground with a stick.