Definition of mud hut in English:

mud hut


  • A small, simple dwelling made of dried mud.

    ‘the route leads through villages of mud huts’
    • ‘They are living in mud huts and everything is primitive by our standards, but unbelievably clean.’
    • ‘His home is simple, a thatch-roofed mud hut where he lives with his wife and daughter.’
    • ‘Many people live in small mud huts with thatched roofs, structures that are cool and easy to maintain.’
    • ‘We met a village chief who lived with his family inside a one-room mud hut.’
    • ‘The villagers live in mud huts with no running water or electricity.’
    • ‘Most families live in mud huts made of dung.’
    • ‘Crumbling mud huts covered with plastic sheeting provide little protection from the extreme cold.’
    • ‘There were palm trees on either side of the street and little mud huts.’
    • ‘Nearby stands the camp's primary school, a collection of mud huts.’
    • ‘That evening, he invited us into his tiny mud hut for dinner.’