Definition of mud fever in English:

mud fever


mass noun
  • A bacterial skin infection which chiefly affects the lower legs of horses exposed to wet and muddy conditions, causing cracking and soreness of the skin and hair loss in the affected area.

    This condition is caused by the bacterium Dermatophilus congolensis

    • ‘Treatment of mud fever must be vigorous and immediate.’
    • ‘In moderate climates mud fever is by no means less important and can affect any type of horse.’
    • ‘This makes horses more prone to mild problems such as the mud fever and filled legs you describe.’
    • ‘‘Once mud fever is established, it is very difficult to cure,’ she said.’
    • ‘One of the horses I had looked at but declined was a big flashy chestnut mare, who had nothing wrong with her, except bad feet, terrible mud fever and being terribly thin.’
    • ‘The veterinary books advise us that mud fever is caused by a specific bacteria, Dermatophilus congolensis.’
    • ‘If your horse has mud fever or is prone to mud fever, use these wraps overnight on returning from a day's hunting, or when you bring your horse in from the field of an evening, as they will dry the legs naturally.’
    • ‘My horse managed to get a mange type infection to go with his mud fever which required separate treatment.’
    • ‘Prevention and early recognition and treatment are the keys to success in the management of mud fever.’