Definition of mud brick in English:

mud brick


  • often as modifier A brick made from baked mud.

    ‘mud-brick houses’
    • ‘They live in crowded neighborhoods of medieval mud-brick houses, which contrast with the modern white-tile blocks catering to Chinese immigrants.’
    • ‘Not only must she cook Osias' meals, clean his mud-brick house, and tend the goats, but Darlene must also trudge off each day to a backbreaking job in the sugar-cane fields.’
    • ‘Dust-colored mountains shoot up on every side - some barren, others with an astonishing clutter of mud-brick houses clinging to their steep, craggy slopes.’
    • ‘Amid the squat concrete towers and traffic bridges of the new and expanding Damascus, a few mud-brick houses endure like Palaeolithic mammals resisting the inevitability of extinction.’
    • ‘The city's mud-brick houses, built without supporting metal or wooden beams, crumbled into small chunks or powdery dust.’
    • ‘They much enjoy festooning their mud-brick houses with the colourful flags of the different political parties, even if it means that one house carries the flapping colours of three rival parties.’