Definition of mud-coloured in English:



  • Of a dull brown colour like that of mud.

    ‘all the mud-coloured fish in our small pond were dead’
    • ‘She stuck an immense red and green plaid rosette in her mud-colored hair.’
    • ‘I've seen it catch two fish, diving deep into the mud-coloured water and coming up with a sizeable mullet each time.’
    • ‘I pulled aside the mud-colored drape of Slattery's confessional and knelt in the sudden dark.’
    • ‘Don't be put off by the mud-coloured exterior; the lakeside position away from the main road makes this a good, relaxing option.’
    • ‘Mud-colored mountains, their geometric folds and pleats as intricate as robes by Vermeer, rise to snowy peaks.’
    • ‘Meandering around the many sandbanks that fill this stretch of river one soon gets a glimpse of these silvery-grey dolphins, with their trademark long narrow beaks, arching their way through the mud-coloured waters.’
    • ‘From this pretty estuary town, ferries leave for Montevideo, and pleasure boats ply up and down the mud-coloured river, departing from the Estacion Fluvial every few minutes.’
    • ‘Surrounding the square lie six large, rectangular, mud-colored brick compounds and two small mosques.’
    • ‘Heaps of mud-colored rubbish - furniture, appliances, clothes, toys, rugs and carpets - were piled on sidewalks and at curbs.’
    • ‘He wore a mud-colored poncho and jeans faded gray.’
    • ‘We look in silence out at the stark, mud-coloured wastes of the altiplano.’
    • ‘He wore mud-coloured cardigans, and probably had a flat cap.’
    greyish-brown, brownish, dun-coloured, mouse-coloured, mousy, muddy, khaki, umber
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