Definition of mucoid in English:



  • Involving, resembling, or of the nature of mucus.

    • ‘The intact cysts were filled with clear to straw-colored fluid or thick mucoid to opaque greenish yellow fluid.’
    • ‘Widely distributed in the embryo as a loose connective tissue, mucoid tissue is composed of large stellate fibroblasts in an abundant intercellular substance, which is homogeneous and soft.’
    • ‘The cut surface revealed a glistening mucoid appearance, with extensive hemorrhage.’
    • ‘‘Phlegm’ and ‘Catarrh’ are rather outdated medical expressions, but patients still use them to describe the sticky mucoid pharyngeal secretions that occur in chronic pharyngitis.’
    • ‘The cut surface of the lesion was variegated, with solid, gray-white tumor alternating with gelatinous transparent to green mucoid material, red lakes of hemorrhagic fluid, and yellow necrotic debris.’
    • ‘As I was walking down the corridor one day with my chief, we came upon a pool of brownish mucoid liquid on the floor, perhaps vomitus, incontinent stool, or some other body fluid.’
    • ‘I believe you are right, although smallpox, when it ran rampant, was generally transmitted from respiratory mucoid droplets transmitted from a person sick with smallpox.’
    • ‘A 5-month-old girl was referred to our hospital due to a bout of sneezing, mucoid discharge, and progressive dyspnea for 2 days.’
    • ‘They are filled with either mucoid or serous fluid.’
    • ‘An extensive cervical ectropion can cause heavy mucoid discharge, which, if troublesome to a woman with normal cervical smear test results, may be helped by intravaginal acetic acid.’
    • ‘In most samples, this resulted in a clear separation of mucoid samples from purulent ones.’
    • ‘It is impossible to see a cyst arthroscopically; the surgeon can only see the mucoid degeneration with its typical yellowish discoloration at the beginning of the meniscal resection when using the mechanical hand instruments.’
    • ‘He underwent surgery, which revealed a small cyst filled with yellow mucoid material and some fatty tissue prolapsing into the cyst.’
    • ‘Eventually, they develop a mucoid phenotype, which marks the establishment of chronic infection.’
    • ‘The cyst contained a small amount of whitish mucoid material.’
    • ‘Squash preparations demonstrated a papillary tumor composed of rosettelike structures surrounding a mucoid area with central vessels.’
    • ‘After classification of the nature of the sputum, those patients with macroscopically mucoid samples did not receive antibiotic therapy.’
    • ‘Fissures, a mucoid discharge and yellow crusting are sometimes present.’
    • ‘Although the epidemic isolates were mainly mucoid and had increased antibiotic resistance, these phenotypic features were highly variable and could not reliably discriminate between strains.’
    • ‘The cyst is filled with soft, gelatinous, sticky, and mucoid fluid.’
    sticky, gummy, glue-like, gluey, adhesive, tacky, adhering, adherent, sticking, clinging, treacly, syrupy
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