Definition of muckamuck in English:


(also mucky-muck)


North American
  • A person of great importance or self-importance.

    • ‘In terms of finances, did you have a hard time convincing financial mucky-mucks to throw their weight behind the project?’
    • ‘As soon as all the mucky-muck thanking was over, I headed for the door shaking hands on the way.’
    • ‘Somehow, Dr. Beckett's gotten embroiled with this tart, only she's ten years older than him if she's a day, and she's the wife of a mucky-muck network executive.’
    • ‘Once the organisers and corporate mucky-mucks left the stage, the assembled audience of media dorks were treated to a surprisingly good preview of what is to come this September.’
    • ‘The Hotel Fort Garry is serving as headquarters, if you will, for Prairie Music Week, so all the mucky-mucks are sitting in the lounge.’
    • ‘Besides, some at the paper argued, authorizing the ñ could open the door to French and German accent marks, a slippery style slope that no Times muckamuck was prepared to tackle.’
    • ‘They owe the local mucky-muck, Bricktop, a substantial wad of money.’
    • ‘When his party's candidates for president and vice-president die suddenly, Mays is tapped by the party's mucky-mucks to run for president in 2004.’


Mid 19th century: from Chinook Jargon, shortening of high muck-a-muck.