Definition of muck someone about/around in English:

muck someone about/around

phrasal verb

  • Treat someone inconsiderately, typically by disrupting their plans.

    ‘what the management has to learn is that we can't be mucked about’
    • ‘Then someone did ring from Staples, apologised for mucking me around, all to do with a new warehouse, blah blah.’
    • ‘Even though I should have been really annoyed with Tony for having mucked me about like that, I couldn't help but grin in wonder at the impish cunning which lurked beneath his angelic exterior.’
    • ‘But I don't want to muck them around either and would like to know where I stand.’
    • ‘I think that an apology would be nice, because they have mucked me around for long enough.’
    • ‘I told Matt what my thoughts were and I don't want to muck him about.’
    • ‘I didn't actually see the draw but my mum rang me and I thought she was mucking me about.’
    • ‘She snapped: ‘You can't muck me around like this, Terry, I've made arrangements.’’
    • ‘It would add hours to his commuting time, ruin his wife's photography business and generally muck them about.’
    • ‘Psychologists like to talk about ‘locus of control’ and ‘cognitive mapping’ - lofty terms for not letting other people muck you about, and developing a sense of place.’
    • ‘Steve showed up in the afternoon; he was friendly, clearly knew a bit about cars and didn't muck me about.’
    • ‘You don't want to kill him, but if he mucks you around, well, something's gonna happen to him.’
    • ‘I wouldn't let them muck me around like that.’
    • ‘We are fed up with getting mucked around and even though we had other players ill with flu we just decided to go ahead.’
    • ‘I'm sure you realise that I am in no state to have anyone muck me around.’
    • ‘If they start mucking you around speak to their complaints department, get them to send you another form with a self-addressed envelope so they cannot say it's gone elsewhere.’
    • ‘We understand that prisoners could have the right to sue if the Department of Corrections mucks them around.’
    • ‘The real issue going on at Casino Avenue Towers is my washing machine. It's mucking me about again, refusing to complete its cycles.’