Definition of muchacho in English:


(also muchacha)


  • 1(in Spanish-speaking countries) a young man (or woman).

    • ‘Bet you thought you really were something… bet you thought you didn't have to worry about regular muchachos like me…’
    • ‘They match your eyes, all those muchachos would melt!’
    • ‘Why do I have this feeling it'll be about yet another muchacho?’
    • ‘In the street, Miguel will spot some foxy muchacho, and ayayay! - he trembles, he staggers, he has to cling to my arm, or Rosario's.’
    • ‘The muchachos breathe in the dust and violence but the bull does not die in San Carlos.’
    • ‘The muchachos were ace marksmen, like Goya himself.’
    • ‘But when adult supervision finally showed up, the muchachos running the traffic stop were persuaded to give back the camera.’
    • ‘While visiting the island, her Latina narrator falls in love with Wilson, ‘a beautiful ebony-skinned muchacho whose charm was well-known throughout the town’.’
    1. 1.1 A male (or female) servant.
      • ‘On the same afternoon a five gallon can of gasoline was delivered to Weingarten at the same place; and a muchacho carried the tin up by Weingarten's direction, while the driver of the carretela making the delivery waited below.’
      • ‘The solution depends on the mom, but for me, I decided this past week to hire a muchacha, a young girl to come in and clean.’