Main definitions of MRA in English




  • Moral Rearmament.




Main definitions of MRA in English



nounPlural MRAs

  • A men's rights activist or advocate (used to refer to a person who campaigns for or supports the protection of men's rights and interests)

    ‘MRAs argue that they face daily discrimination from the government, the media, and the justice system’
    as modifier ‘the MRA community’
    • ‘Even if MRAs could construct an airtight case that their oppression leads to a worse society, I’d be leery of joining them.’
    • ‘The most obvious reason I avoid the movement is because MRAs are some of the least politically savvy people on the Internet.’
    • ‘It’s reasonable that MRAs want to sound like feminism, which they imitate in more ways than they like to admit.’
    • ‘When you spend as much time being morally outraged about false rape accusations as I do, people tend to assume you're an MRA.’
    • ‘I agree that MRAs have a valid case that current Western society is hostile to men, their historical domination of institutions notwithstanding.’


Early 21st century: used earlier as an abbreviation of the names of various groups and movements concerned with men's rights, beginning with the Men's Rights Association, formed in the 1970s.