Definition of mpingo in English:



  • An East African leguminous tree with dense black timber which is used for carvings and musical instruments.

    Dalbergia melanoxylon, family Leguminosae

    • ‘Like ebony, mpingo is also a heavy, dense black hardwood, and it is plentiful in East Africa.’
    • ‘The group organises both large-scale replanting of the mpingo tree by community volunteers and youth education on conservation in primary and secondary schools.’
    • ‘The mpingo that I use to make my clarinets is from Mozambique, which is more reddish in color than Tanzanian mpingo.’
    • ‘The GoodWood Campaign hopes to promote a tree nursery for each carver cooperative that will grow these alternative woods to halt the use of the scarce supply of mpingo left in Kenya.’
    • ‘Until recently, southern Tanzania was relatively isolated and its population of mpingo mostly unscathed.’
    • ‘Various national measures have been taken to protect mpingo in countries where it occurs.’
    • ‘It is feared that the continued uncontrolled exploitation of the mpingo tree will cause it to become commercially extinct within a few decades.’
    • ‘Far from corrupting Makonde sculpting, the shift to mpingo - with its dense grain - allowed artists to advance their technical skills and to obtain finely detailed results.’
    • ‘His photos of the sculptor cutting down an mpingo tree and sculpting a piece of root wood, and his image of a group of sculptors at work beneath an enormous mango tree, are remarkable.’


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