Definition of MPhil in English:



  • Master of Philosophy.

    • ‘Around the time of my diagnosis I had also been offered a place to study for an MPhil in philosophy.’
    • ‘My MPhil was a dizzyingly intense year, academically and socially.’
    • ‘He went on to study for an MPhil in medieval history before briefly working in the City - a job he gave up for journalism.’
    • ‘During their first year in Bradford, the students will take one of the department's MA courses and in their second year will carry out research for a MPhil, ideally in an area related to their occupation.’
    • ‘Mike Iliff is a mature student studying for an MPhil in ‘The History of Christianity’ at Birmingham University.’
    • ‘She decided she wanted to study Egypt to a higher level and went to University College London where she gained an MPhil.’
    • ‘The MPhil in Modern Slavic History at Dundee is a new course, providing an introduction to the history of modern Europe and Russia.’
    • ‘He is a chartered accountant and holds an MPhil in Management Studies from Oxford University.’
    • ‘In 1997, she began a post-graduate MPhil course.’
    • ‘Michael Collins, MA, MPhil, lectures and teaches at Beijing Second Foreign Language University.’
    • ‘Mr Dickson returned to Cambridge in 2003, and was awarded an MPhil with distinction in Renaissance Literature.’
    • ‘Chris Hanretty is an MPhil candidate in European Politics at St Anne's.’
    • ‘Someone came into my office today and gave me a couple of glasses of Cava from the MPhil graduation party going on nextdoor.’
    • ‘Perhaps more worrying are the factual errors, particularly in relation to Wat's Dyke, the subject of my MPhil dissertation.’
    • ‘But he abandoned an economics MPhil in 1974 when his tutor, Andrew Graham, found him a job in Downing Street.’
    • ‘UTT will be offering an MPhil research programme through an agreement with Cambridge University that will be available from September 2006.’
    • ‘Alternatively, it may provide a basis for further research for a PhD or MPhil as an MA combines research skills with advanced techniques and theories.’
    • ‘Anand Toprani is a first year MPhil student in Modern European History’
    • ‘Maria, an English language and literature concentrator, will pursue her MPhil in English medieval studies.’
    • ‘Among new offerings are an MA in Media History at Aberystwyth, and an MPhil in Modern Slavic History at Dundee.’