Definition of Mozambican in English:



  • Relating to or characteristic of Mozambique or its inhabitants.

    ‘the beautiful Mozambican coast’
    • ‘Refugees argued with a Mozambican government official.’
    • ‘Rescue teams plan to evacuate about 600 Mozambican families who are stranded on islands in the flooded Zambezi River.’
    • ‘She uses the water to prepare traditional Mozambican food.’
    • ‘The stadium lies an hour's drive from the Mozambican border.’
    • ‘The Mozambican government has already appealed for aid.’


  • A native or inhabitant of Mozambique, or a person of Mozambican descent.

    ‘the majority of Mozambicans live in the countryside’
    • ‘Mozambicans voted last month in elections that went totally uncovered by the British press.’
    • ‘Nearly 70 percent of the Mozambicans live in the countryside.’
    • ‘More than 36,000 Mozambicans turned up - the atmosphere was the most awesome I have ever experienced.’
    • ‘International aid agencies raced against time yesterday to rescue and feed hundreds of thousands of Mozambicans as floodwaters rose.’
    • ‘A Mozambican we met, had run a construction business in South Africa for the past five years.’