Definition of moving staircase in English:

moving staircase


  • another term for escalator
    • ‘I like to film in hotel rooms, in elevators or on moving staircases.’
    • ‘When the Metro was built moving staircases got preference over regular staircases because, engineers figured, they would transport passengers to and from trains more easily and evenly.’
    • ‘The three of them came down a moving staircase to a vast underground station.’
    • ‘He turned and led them up the moving staircase to his office.’
    • ‘Among the wonders taken in was the moving staircase found in one of the town's shopping centres, which one Indian athlete described as ‘most marvellous’.’
    • ‘Then it goes just as quickly as if you're running down a moving staircase… When you're running’
    • ‘Tierney is uncertain why he is in New York, but admits that he is somehow drawn to ‘this world of moving staircases, electric eyes, efficient loud-speakers, like a moth to the bright light’.’