Definition of movie star in English:

movie star


North American
  • An actor or actress who is famous for playing leading roles in films.

    ‘she is one of the world's biggest movie stars’
    • ‘I couldn't get past the fact that I was talking to an A-list movie star.’
    • ‘There are no big movie stars, no beautiful sets.’
    • ‘Joan, you're the ultimate movie star.’
    • ‘He has sat down with every major movie star in Hollywood.’
    • ‘The world-renowned television and movie star unveiled himself as a fine artist at this celebration.’
    • ‘The Rock is almost a full-time movie star.’
    • ‘Lee's career was an amazing one, divided as it was into two great phases - the movie star days and the daytime soap opera days.’
    • ‘He's like an old-fashioned movie star to me.’
    • ‘Former Brookside actress turned movie star Anna Friel has booked her mum Julie into a beauty parlour.’
    • ‘By 1934, William Powell was already a famous movie star.’
    • ‘No wonder movie stars are racking up the frequent flyer miles plugging their films around the world.’
    • ‘Instead of acting, my job was to be a hot young movie star.’
    • ‘Hoffman & Pacino were actors first, movie stars second.’
    • ‘The last time I saw Danny Boyle, he was seated in a Berlin hotel room next to the world's biggest movie star.’
    • ‘Hepburn was a movie star with great drawing power; Andrews was untested as a movie draw.’
    • ‘He was a movie star in the golden age Hollywood.’
    • ‘Since the age of six, she dreamed of becoming a great movie star.’
    • ‘He has witnessed strong sales of the iconic, black-and-white photos of classic Hollywood movie stars and sports heroes.’
    • ‘You're going to be a movie star.’
    • ‘There are also movie stars, like Julia Roberts, who mystify me.’
    • ‘Call me Dame Elizabeth, or call me an ageing movie star.’
    • ‘Walter was a very satisfying villain - and might well have become a legitimate horror movie star if someone had seen his potential.’
    • ‘After all she is the girlfriend of a movie star.’
    • ‘They remained married for 50 years, a feat almost unrivalled among major movie stars.’
    • ‘His children, too, would much rather he stayed a movie star.’
    • ‘Last year, Mirren said: "A weird thing happens to male actors, especially movie stars, in my experience."’
    • ‘Hope's astounding popularity as a movie star had waned by the late 1950s.’
    • ‘Spending 90 minutes with three charming, sexy movie stars can be a joy or it can be a chore.’
    • ‘Today, media superstars, including sports heroes, pop divas and movie stars, are at the forefront of news and pop culture.’
    • ‘Murphy is an impressive new movie star - appealing, vulnerable, and intelligent.’