Definition of move over (or aside) in English:

move over (or aside)

phrasal verb

  • 1Adjust one's position to make room for someone else.

    ‘Jo motioned to the girls on the couch to move over’
    • ‘He sat down beside me, and I moved over into the middle of my bed, giving him room.’
    • ‘‘Come over here, sweetheart,’ he said moving over to make room for her.’
    • ‘He moved aside to allow the shopkeeper to serve an elderly lady.’
    • ‘I sat behind the wheel of my car for up to five minutes before the van finally moved aside and allowed me through.’
    • ‘He moved aside so that we could enter the room.’
    • ‘I looked up at Eric's smiling face and moved over, making room for him on my bed.’
    • ‘There was a slight pause, then he glanced at her and moved over to make room.’
    • ‘A guard sitting outside jumped up and opened the door, moving aside so the soldiers could guide us into the room.’
    • ‘Olivia opens the door, moving aside so I can see into the room.’
    • ‘The overtaken boat should acknowledge, slow down to minimum steerage speed and move over to make room.’
    1. 1.1 Relinquish a job or leading position through being superseded by someone or something else.
      ‘it's time for the film establishment to move over and make way for a new generation’
      • ‘The old must move over to make room for the young, that is natures way.’
      • ‘Bo Outlaw, who started at small forward last season, is moving over to make room for Grant Hill.’
      • ‘We will soon all be doctors; you better move over and make room for us.’
      • ‘People very often don't get what they deserve and he will now either move aside or be pushed aside.’
      • ‘We are happy to move over and make room on this list for other colleges and universities as we all work toward bridging the digital divide.’