Definition of mouthpart in English:



usually mouthparts
  • Any of the appendages, typically found in pairs, surrounding the mouth of an insect or other arthropod and adapted for feeding.

    • ‘Crustacea are characterized by two pairs of antennae, three pairs of mouthparts, and a special type of larvae called the nauplius.’
    • ‘Poultry lice are small wingless insects with chewing mouthparts.’
    • ‘The clearest examples are certain mosquito species in which the mouthparts of males are adapted for drinking nectar and those of females for imbibing blood.’
    • ‘Their laterally flattened bodies are covered in bristles and spines and their mouthparts are especially adapted for piercing and sucking.’
    • ‘No bigger than an apple seed, the bedbug is descended from plant-feeding insects that evolved skin-piercing mouthparts for sucking up blood.’
    • ‘Dipterans typically have sucking mouthparts, and may feed on plant juices or on decaying organic matter.’