Definition of mouthbrooder in English:



  • A freshwater cichlid fish which protects its eggs (and in some cases its young) by carrying them in its mouth.

    Sarotherodon and other genera, family Cichlidae

    • ‘But his head did not look swollen, like so many other mouthbrooders do when they are holding eggs or fry.’
    • ‘Like them, they are polygamous mouthbrooders with no pair bonds and a tendency to harass females.’
    • ‘Also from what I've heard, keyholes, festivum and kribs are not mouthbrooders; can you confirm this?’
    • ‘A lot of Tilapia species are male mouthbrooders, hence the male will pick up the eggs once he has fertilized them.’
    • ‘Some mouthbrooders deposit their eggs on the substrate where they look after them until the Larvae hatch.’