Definition of moustache cup in English:

moustache cup


  • A cup with a partial cover that protects the moustache of the person drinking from it.

    • ‘I enjoy their freshness and wit: who would expect to find a moustache cup in a contemporary designer collection?’
    • ‘When Ma was still alive she had moustache cups on various shelves in her house.’
    • ‘One era's artifacts become another's source of antiques; for example, moustache cups and chamberpots.’
    • ‘You can watch carpenters and blacksmiths in action, check out cosmetics and soaps of the day, buy moustache cups, or try your hand at bowling.’
    • ‘This porcelain moustache cup and saucer was probably made in Scotland, and has been hand painted with enamels.’
    • ‘Everything from shaving plates and moustache cups to lady razors, postcards, shaving sticks, mugs and strops.’
    • ‘We rarely find these interesting moustache cups and to find one totally intact with the saucer is surely unusual.’
    • ‘The auction was rather unique in that all the items, apart from just one or two, were moustache cups.’
    • ‘There were mugs, moustache cups, pot de cremes, trays, decanter bottles, baskets, compotes, covered bouillons, ladles, shot glasses and tea caddies.’
    • ‘Much of the cargo of plates, dolls, moustache cups, schnapps glasses, pianos and the like remained on the wreck after it sank.’
    • ‘I have a shelf full of moustache cups, and use most of them when the opportunity presents itself.’
    • ‘A Delft windmill, a Minton moustache cup or a pitcher of Spode or Wedgwood -- these to me were things of beauty and worthy of a place in my collection.’
    • ‘A sentimental regard for the good old days is well enough for a collector of moustache cups.’
    • ‘When in place the adaptor permits a person to drink but prevents the liquid within the cup from coming in contact with the drinker's moustache, thereby converting any conventional drinking cup into a typical moustache cup.’
    • ‘Some of these are moustache cups and some are shaving mugs.’