Definition of mousse in English:



mass noun
  • 1A sweet or savoury dish made as a smooth, light mass in which the main ingredient is whipped with cream and egg white.

    ‘sponge topped with chocolate mousse’
    count noun ‘a salmon mousse’
    • ‘A dark chocolate and cappuccino mousse was delightful, smooth, neither too sweet nor too bitter, but its accompanying cinnamon ice cream did nothing for it.’
    • ‘On top of that was a smooth layer of mango compote, then a bit of caramel mousse and topped with tender, tiny coconut marshmallows.’
    • ‘I forgot the name, pistachio crème brûlée and raspberry mousse coated with white chocolate cream.’
    • ‘The recipes are a great mixture of traditional country fruit and vegetables - pumpkin marmalade, rowan berry and apple jelly, blackberry mousse, lettuce and lovage soup.’
    • ‘It's a light coffee mousse over a dark, rich coffee gelatin with a bit of genoise sponge cake at the bottom.’
    • ‘When the foie gras is good, though, it's brilliant: its mousse like silk, its crust a delicate crackle instead of a shroud.’
    • ‘However, before the soup we were treated to a roulade of smoked salmon and herbed cheese mousse, with smoked tuna salad on spring lettuce and lemon olive oil dressing.’
    • ‘These are used as required, mixed with liquids and flavourings, to ‘set’ savoury aspic, desserts such as jelly and mousse, and stabilize commercially made ice cream and other foods.’
    • ‘Well I might have put too little gelatine for this volume of fruit/cream mixture, especially when I tried to make the mousse in jelly molds, as it turned out a bit too soft.’
    • ‘Dessert was no less original and delicious: he made a sort of light mousse with whole strawberries in it, served in individual ramekins and baked in the oven.’
    • ‘Mango fresh cream pastry, mango mousse, mango tarts, and mango souffle are only a few of what Sweet Chariot on Brigade Road offers mango lovers.’
    • ‘Using pastry bags, fill bottom half of shell with sweet potato mousse, fill top half of shell with parsnip pastry cream and top with chocolate glaze.’
    • ‘Bavarois is a kind of dessert like mousse, but made typically with custard in addition to cream, therefore turns out thick and rich.’
    • ‘For the sweet potato mousse: In saucepan, combine milk and sweet potatoes and bring to a boil.’
    • ‘For dessert I opted for the poached banana that came with a smoothie, mousse & ice cream.’
    • ‘They have so much potential - a soufflé, cakes, crème brûlée, salmon mousse - or just a good, open omelette filled with seasonal vegetables.’
    • ‘From the first souffle, through the egg mousse to the spinach pancakes, we realised that we were in the hands of an artist.’
    • ‘My friend opted for the Baileys dish, a combination of meringue and mousse flavoured by the cream liqueur.’
    • ‘Thai cooks also beat an egg into curried fish mousse, which is then steamed in banana leaves to the consistency of custard and called hor mok pla.’
    • ‘While less traditional, the desserts here include mango mousse and tropical sorbets, made of exotic fruits like lulu and geishta..’
  • 2in singular A mass of tiny bubbles that forms on the top of a glass of champagne or sparkling wine.

    ‘the Brut Réserve possesses a wonderful creamy mousse of small, compact bubbles’
    • ‘This predominantly Pinot Noir based sparkling wine has a creamy mousse with a lingering almond finish.’
    • ‘A wonderful mousse of tiny bubbles and a delicious appley nose are complemented by a fine undertone of honey.’
    • ‘The wine is pale gold in colour with a fine fresh mousse and crisp fruit flavours.’
    • ‘This sparkling wine has a nice creamy mousse backed by juicy stone fruit notes, a genuine bargain to be sure.’
    • ‘In the mouth the wine has a soft, slightly coarse mousse, with a papery quality, and flavors of quince paste, baked apples, and a yeastiness that surfaces in the finish.’
    • ‘Champagne and other sparkling wines were once drunk in a flat, saucer-like glass called a coupe, but this has been abandoned in favour of the tall flute which preserves the wine's mousse.’
    • ‘Johann Kattus, Alte Reserve, Brut is a startlingly dry Viennese sparkling wine with a very fine persistent mousse.’
  • 3A light, foamy preparation used for styling hair.

    ‘apply a dollop of volumizing mousse to the roots and work it in towards the ends of your hair’
    count noun ‘experiment with different styling products such as mousses and gels’
    • ‘This non-foam forming mousse will provide superior control without weighing your hair down.’
    • ‘His black hair was slick with mousse, and spiky, and his jeans were huge, with chains crisscrossing them.’
    • ‘Be sure not to dye or perm it, and also not to spurt mousse on your hair.’
    • ‘I had scrunched my hair with mousse, which made it look darker and less blonde.’
    • ‘Do not blow-dry your hair after putting gel or mousse in it.’
    • ‘The shelf in the bathroom was littered with tins of hair spray, styling mousse, shampoo and conditioner, blobs of each of which had been splurted onto every available surface.’
    • ‘When it comes to styling your hair, avoid using low-end hair products, such as cheap gel or mousse.’
    • ‘Comb your hair, then rub a handful of mousse into it, then comb again.’
    • ‘Whatever the hairstyle, whatever the desired look, we've got the gel, mousse and more to make every day a great hair day.’
    • ‘Yucca, quince seed, balsam and yarrow are often added to natural styling gels, mousse and hair sprays for their thickening and emulsifying qualities.’
    • ‘Still, you might have to wash your wig more often if you use a lot of spray or mousse on it.’
    • ‘Apply volumizing mousse, then blow hair dry.’
    • ‘Everyone's hair was equally stiff with hair spray, gel, or mousse.’
    • ‘A can of hair mousse lay in the wash basin, with some of the contents squirted out in loops on the mirror.’
    • ‘His sandy hair was swept back, typical guy style hair, probably loaded with hair mousse.’
    • ‘It seems like just yesterday that there were only three styling products you could use to create the hairstyle of your dreams - gel, hairspray, and mousse.’
    • ‘I hurriedly changed into a black fleece sweater and a knee-length jean skirt and put a generous amount of mousse in my hair to semi-smooth it.’
    • ‘Achieve increased resilience and shape-holding power from setting lotions, mousses and hair sprays.’
    • ‘He recommends applying a firm gel at the base and a light mousse on the ends to make hair manageable, without frying it.’
    • ‘Nevertheless, I scoured the store shelves to find the best brands that hair mousse has to offer.’
    1. 3.1 A cosmetic or skincare product with a foamy consistency.
      ‘this rich shower mousse has an uplifting blend of grapefruit, lemon, orange peel, and cedarwood oils’
      • ‘This lightweight, creamy shower mousse softens and smooths the skin while you enjoy the refreshing and revitalising notes of the Eau Dynamisante fragrance.’
      • ‘This gift includes body mousse, body lotion, bubble bath, soap, body spray & a natural body bath scrub brush.’
  • 4A frothy brown emulsion of oil and seawater formed by weathering of an oil slick.

    • ‘Large lumps of oil or semi-solid oil/water mousse will tend to be physically lifted out of the water by the moving belt as shown at 15 in Fig. 5C.’
    • ‘The recovered oil is unaffected by the conveyor belt system and does not mix the oil into a ‘chocolate mousse’.’


[with object]
  • Style (hair) using mousse.

    ‘mousse each section before winding on rollers’
    ‘his blow-dried and moussed hair’
    • ‘With his baggy pants, red goatee, and moussed hair, Mike Hoffman looks more like a guy taking some time off after college than a 25-year-old combat veteran.’
    • ‘Her hair was moussed to within an inch of its life, and even the damp Maine breeze couldn't wet or move it.’
    • ‘Instead, I would wear ripped jeans, mousse up my hair and ‘air guitar’ to Poison, White-snake and Mötley Crüe videos.’
    • ‘She was too busy moussing her hair up.’
    • ‘He played with his moussed hair a second, then, satisfied, headed downstairs to wait for Susan's call to pick her up.’
    • ‘Fields of pineapple plants look like the spiky moussed and twisted hair of a punk rocker.’
    • ‘Dashing into a store in Las Vegas for a signing last summer, Dean joked to the crowd that he was late because he'd had to mousse his chestnut locks.’
    • ‘He wore a crisp white shirt and had his black hair neatly parted and moussed.’


Mid 19th century: from French, ‘moss or froth’.