Definition of mouser in English:



  • An animal that catches mice, especially a cat.

    ‘well, it's either mousetraps or a good mouser’
    • ‘‘Whether aristocrat, moggie or mouser, a cat is at home in the most stylish of settings,’ she writes.’
    • ‘He is a great bird dog, and a mouser, too, but not the most handsome dog ever.’
    • ‘Images of barn cats and warehouse mousers might not spring to mind when thinking of the working heritage of our country, but our cats performed their task as well as any other man or beast.’
    • ‘Among the many stories preserved in these tombs is the history of how wild cats first became mousers, then house pets, then gods.’
    • ‘Show me a good mouser and I'll show you a cat with bad breath.’
    • ‘After some weeks of care, this wild animal became a fat, contented Surrey mouser.’
    • ‘In the tenth century a kitten in England was worth one penny, or fourpence if a proven mouser.’
    • ‘Long-tailed weasels are good mousers and ratters, so farmers do not mind having weasels around their farms because they eliminate these pests.’
    • ‘Cats also feature in the divorce laws of the period, with the divorced man being able to keep one cat and the divorced wife the rest - no doubt there was still some argument as to who got the best mouser, and who had the cutest lap cat.’
    • ‘Still others assert that Norwegian Vikings, who wreaked havoc on the coasts of Europe and beyond from the 8th to the 10th centuries, kept forest cats as mousers and pets.’
    • ‘Animals civilise a building, and it is a pity that the Prime Minister's wife, no cat-lover, was blamed for the dismissal of Humphrey, a dignified and sagacious mouser.’
    cat, domestic cat, wild cat, alley cat, kitten
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