Definition of mouse potato in English:

mouse potato


  • A person who spends large amounts of leisure or working time operating a computer.

    • ‘Her lack of wireless is really holding her back from becoming a full fledged mouse potato.’
    • ‘As access to higher bandwidth continues to increase, more mouse potatoes are passing the popcorn and getting their cinematic kicks on the Web.’
    • ‘PC nerds addicted to their computers will be known as ‘mouse potatoes’, even if they are e-mailing their ‘keypals’, the new word for penpals.’
    • ‘Since they have been reared as mouse potatoes, it is difficult to wean today's children away from the Internet.’
    • ‘Nobody allows you to remain a couch potato or a mouse potato any more: you have to respond to polls, contests, and invitations to what is being said on the programme on air.’


1990s: on the pattern of couch potato.


mouse potato