Definition of mouse hole in English:

mouse hole


  • A hole made by a mouse as a dwelling or to gain access to an area.

    ‘I will have to watch you like a cat at a mouse hole’
    • ‘They're like cats watching the wrong mousehole.’
    • ‘Marius found two different places in the wall that certainly appear to be mouse holes.’
    • ‘In the kitchen, in the closet, there were mouse holes.’
    • ‘It was a painting of two cats looking at a mouse hole in a wall.’
    • ‘The cupboards were moved around in the classroom to block the mouse holes.’
    • ‘It looks as if every mouse-hole has been stopped.’
    • ‘Field pointed to what looked like a mousehole and dropped a marble down it.’
    • ‘He was like a cat pawing at a mouse hole.’
    • ‘The mouse shot back into the mouse hole.’
    • ‘He was an activist who has since slipped back into the mouse-hole from whence he came.’