Definition of mouse hare in English:

mouse hare


  • another term for pika
    • ‘Wildlife most likely to be seen in Sagarmatha are the Himalaya tahr, ghoral, musk deer, pika (mouse hare), weasel and occasionally jackal.’
    • ‘American pikas have historically also been referred to by such common names as cony, rock rabbit, mouse hare, whistling hare, and piping hare.’
    • ‘Besides the sheep and goats, some wild animals like Himalayan tahr, Himalayan musk deer, blue sheep, serow, mouse hare, Himalayan black bear, red fox, Himalayan weasel, and common leopard are seen occasionally in this valley.’
    • ‘Other animals include the ibex, blue sheep, bharal, docile marmot and mouse hare.’
    • ‘The small animals of the Zone are marmot, mouse hare and flying squirrel.’
    • ‘In the higher elevation of Himalayas they prey largely on voles and mouse hares.’
    • ‘Other mammals rarely seen are the weasel, Himalayan mouse hare, jackal and langur monkey.’
    • ‘In the afternoon we explore the lake area, which supports marmots, hares, mouse hares and voles.’
    • ‘Other mammals rarely seen are the weasel, marten, Himalayan mouse hare, jackal and langur monkey.’
    • ‘You can also find wild boar, jerboa, hedgehogs, shrews, hares, mouse hares, bats, rodents, many species of birds and fish, snakes, lizards, skinks, salamanders, and frogs.’
    • ‘The mouse hare, or little chief hare, is also known as the pika.’
    • ‘As we neared Bedni, we saw a lot of mouse hares curiously peeping at us and then scurrying away to disappear into their burrows as we moved near.’
    • ‘Within the Lagomorpha, rabbits and hares comprise the family Leporidae, while 28 or so species of pikas (also called mouse hares or conies) form the family Ochotonidae.’
    • ‘The rocky terrain of Ladakh harbors yak, ibex and mouse hares.’
    • ‘Animals found in the region are sheep, ghoral, musk deer, leopard, wild dog, marmot, weasel, mouse hare, rhesus and langur monkeys, Himalayan Tahr, Himalayan black bear and jackals.’
    • ‘Interesting highland wildlife to explore in this region include musk deer, pika (mouse hare), marmot, grey hare, gray wolf, Tibetan lynx and elusive snow leopard.’
    • ‘In the absence of garbage disposal facilities, the practice of dumping garbage into nearby streams as well as into marmot, mouse hare or vole burrows, has become quite common in recent years.’
    • ‘Though not hares, they are sometimes called mouse hares.’