Definition of mourning dove in English:

mourning dove


  • A North and Central American dove with a long tail, a grey-brown back, and a plaintive call.

    Zenaida macroura, family Columbidae

    • ‘The oldest recorded columbid is a mourning dove that lived 19 years and 4 months.’
    • ‘From this vantage point I have photographed the scrub jay, mourning dove, California thrasher, and California towhee at the birdbath.’
    • ‘We would watch for low-flying herons along the shore, and somewhere hear gentle mourning doves in the breaking dawn.’
    • ‘The branches serve as a handy perch for the sparrows and mourning doves that frequent my city bird feeder.’
    • ‘For wildlife this is a boon, especially for white-winged and mourning doves.’
    • ‘I don't believe there is anyone who has not heard the cooing of a mourning dove.’
    • ‘Rimrock's seeds also make an excellent food for game birds like mourning dove and valley quail or for songbirds such as green-tailed towhee.’
    • ‘Night comes down with a pair of mourning doves softly calling from the trees below the camp.’
    • ‘Last year, when I was still walking almost daily through my neighborhood, there were quail everywhere, as well as mourning doves.’
    • ‘Passenger pigeons looked like mourning doves, but more colorful, with wine-red breasts, green necks and long blue tail feathers.’
    • ‘Of course, we still have our year-round chickadees, titmice, cardinals, woodpeckers, mourning doves and song sparrows.’
    • ‘There was a long silence broken only by the sad calls of two mourning doves.’
    • ‘Since the crows have been arriving in greater numbers on this hill, I have been spotting fewer and fewer mourning doves around the house.’
    • ‘There are an estimated 10-12 million mourning doves in Minnesota.’
    • ‘Does this mean the end of the mourning doves, the finches, the mocking birds, the California quail, and all the other different voices in my neighborhood of birds?’
    • ‘The small, pigeon-like birds that feed on the ground are called mourning doves because of the sad sound of their coos.’
    • ‘I did more research and I read that mourning doves can live up to seventeen years in captivity, but I'm sure they have to be active to be healthy.’
    • ‘At first light, not long after the mourning doves begin their day-long cooing, the crows decide on their day's agenda.’
    • ‘Although this is desert, there is an incredible diversity of bird life along the river and in other areas of the park - mourning doves, American kestrel falcons, nighthawks and brown thrashers are just a few of the birds that call it home.’
    • ‘By the narrowest of margins, the Senate has decided to reverse a policy that has endured for nearly 60 years and to allow the target shooting of harmless mourning doves.’
    • ‘There were gray feathers all around the feeder - it was obvious the cat had gotten one of the mourning doves that came in the early evening.’