Definition of mounting block in English:

mounting block


  • A block of stone or low wooden steps from which a rider mounts a horse.

    • ‘When they had gotten the horses all bridled and ready, Gina took the reins and led her horse over to the mounting block.’
    • ‘I stepped on the mounting block and Charlie held Rocket's bridle, while I swung my leg over the big horse.’
    • ‘We reached the mounting block where Erica was waiting patiently with an encouraging smile.’
    • ‘When she was done with that, she led Tide to the mounting block so that she could get on.’
    • ‘I told Sally that it was easier on the horse to use the mounting block, which is true.’
    • ‘She tacked up Hope hastily and led her quickly to the mounting blocks.’
    • ‘I swung onto his back, and he strode away from the mounting block, pricking his ears hopefully towards the barn.’
    • ‘When he was not off fighting battles, he made the trek to St Mary's every Sunday by horse: his mounting block can still be seen outside the church.’
    • ‘She led him around a bit, then walked him to the mounting block.’
    • ‘When we three women came down, Mike had our horses tied by the mounting block.’