Definition of mounting in English:



  • 1A backing, setting, or support for something.

    ‘he pulled the curtain rail from its mounting’
    • ‘But there are also mountings, behind them, for a pair of occasional third-row seats, which can be bought from Peugeot dealerships, either singly or as a pair, for an extra £165 each.’
    • ‘The report said: ‘The forces generated prior to engine shutdown caused the canopy to detach from the aircraft and also resulted in significant damage to the engine and its mountings.’’
    • ‘All the chosen works will be scanned and then enlarged without distortion, to be displayed as massive murals on the sides of buildings or in billboard-style mountings.’
    • ‘Drainpipes were pulled from their mountings and a hand rail was ripped from the stairs.’
    • ‘Similarly, but less drastically, gems were pried from their mountings to be sold or deployed in a different context.’
    • ‘However, the mistral which has been particularly strong lately has blown one of the gates off its mountings.’
    • ‘It was discovered that the heavy mortar and its robust mount provided a very stable mounting, which allowed a high degree of control for the machine gun.’
    • ‘Early last year the owners' corporation began complaining of tiles falling off walls, windows coming off their mountings, pipe leakages and pieces of concrete falling off staircases and external walls.’
    • ‘A large steel hinge-shaped mounting remains attached to the wall in one of the shelters.’
    • ‘An enormous gun is mounted on a large-radius rotating mounting over the stern.’
    • ‘They must have known what the mountings were for and to cause criminal damage to them is beyond belief.’
    • ‘The workbench supports and the machine mountings go through the floor into the basement and rest on eight-ton concrete blocks, supported by pistons, which in turn rest on cushions of compressed air.’
    • ‘A clever option is a bicycle rack which latches onto built-in mountings in the rear bumper.’
    • ‘The raiders used two stolen cars to smash their way into the front entrance of the Co-op store in High Street, Queensbury, but were foiled when they tried to rip the cash machine from its mountings.’
    • ‘Such mountings are frequently used to support lenses, windows, and small mirrors.’
    • ‘The unit weighs 16 pounds and has anti-vibration mountings for comfortable operation.’
    • ‘Everything from parcel shelf mountings to battery holders and inlet manifolds could be made using these materials and the first cars made from them could be in production within the next five years.’
    • ‘Visible evidence pointed to the fact that the gearbox, together with the rotor head, had broken away from the fuselage mountings in flight.’
    • ‘That is the luggage space now that the engine has been moved up to the more conventional mounting at the front.’
    • ‘He said: ‘The force used by the so-called health and safety people who conducted these inspections must have been quite immense for it to break the plaque from its mountings.’’
    • ‘Thieves simply walked into the castle and ripped the painting, worth £40m, from its wall mountings on the castle stairs with only one attendant to stop them.’
    framework, rack, holder, stand, base, support, mount, platform, prop, horse, rest, chock, plinth, bottom, trivet, bracket, frame, subframe, structure, substructure, chassis
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  • 2mass noun The action of mounting something.

    ‘the mounting of rapid-fire guns’
    • ‘Aggressive behaviors included pecking the male, bill snapping, reverse mounting, and frontal attack, which resulted in aerial grappling.’
    • ‘But extra maternal androgens are associated with higher rates of aggression and mounting in both sexes, the study finds.’
    • ‘However, the expense of mounting such a complex expedition, and the extremely poor odds in favor of survival, made material profit implausible as a motive for going to war.’
    • ‘But that wasn't enough to cover the cost of mounting and promoting the telecasts.’
    • ‘Most of this reduction in time was realized as a result of not having to wait for the developing and mounting of conventional 35-mm film.’
    • ‘Light exposure during inspection and mounting of the crystals might be another limitation for the x-ray diffraction quality of the crystals.’
    • ‘Villanova Players has been part of the Brisbane community theatre scene for a very long time and has a history of mounting fairly groundbreaking work.’
    • ‘‘Now that we have some of those players back, I feel we are capable of mounting that assault,’ said Anderson.’
    • ‘The logistics of mounting such a show dictated that only artists from the first six years of the project be invited - all forty four of them.’
    • ‘The operation, which involves mounting road blocks on a daily basis around the capital, has been denounced privately by some Gardai as a glorified dragnet to catch motorists with no tax and insurance.’
    • ‘There are two types of base, one to allow mounting in a horizontal position and another for vertical mounting, such as on the side of a desk or on the console of an automobile.’
    display, public display, show, showing, presentation, demonstration, showcase, spectacle
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