Definition of mounted police in English:

mounted police


  • treated as plural Police who patrol on horseback.

    ‘mounted police charged into the crowd with batons’
    ‘the Royal Canadian Mounted Police’
    • ‘The government sent in mounted police.’
    • ‘A line of mounted police stopped protesters at each intersection to prevent marchers from crossing the avenues.’
    • ‘Scores of riot police vans and mounted police protected the bases against the demonstrators.’
    • ‘He saw the peaceful blockade being charged without warning by 20 mounted police.’
    • ‘We use mounted police for a number of different reasons, in crowd control situations.’
    • ‘Union observers estimated 50 officers, including mounted police, blocked access by road.’
    • ‘They made placards and marched out, to be confronted by mounted police.’
    • ‘The peaceful protesters were attacked by mounted police officers.’
    • ‘The horse has been a member of Lancashire's mounted police division for the past 15 years.’
    • ‘Around 50 uniformed gardaí and four members of the mounted police unit were on hand to police the protest.’
    • ‘Mounted police charged the crowd.’
    • ‘The problem has been checked with the use of a comparatively simple procedure - regular mounted police patrols.’
    • ‘We have brought in mounted police and deployed extra officers to the area.’
    • ‘Mounted police were used to disperse the protesters.’