Definition of mountant in English:



  • A substance used to mount photographs, microscope specimens, etc.

    • ‘Larger specimens should be washed in water before mounting and then introduced to a small drop of the aqueous mountant before transfer to the slide for mounting.’
    • ‘Sections were soaked in these solutions at room temperature for 10 minutes and then rinsed in water before being mounted on microscope slides using a glycerol/gelatin mountant.’
    • ‘If bubbles remain, a common complaint, place the slide for a short time on the hot plate, melting the mountant, and then the coverslip can be carefully removed and placed in distilled water to remove excess mountant.’
    • ‘Larval cuticles were prepared in Hoyer's mountant as described by VAN DER MEER 1977.’
    • ‘After dehydration through graded alcohol and clearing with xylene, slides were mounted with DPX permanent mountant.’
    • ‘For optical transparency, the filters are best mounted between two glass plates with a suitable mountant.’


Late 19th century: from mount, on the pattern of French montant ‘mounting’.