Definition of mountainside in English:



  • The sloping surface of a mountain.

    • ‘The loose snow avalanche is generally not as deadly as the slab type and forms when powder snow falls on the mountainside and just cascades down the slope.’
    • ‘The island is beautiful, with vineyards covering the rolling hills and orchards of olives and fruit trees texturing the mountainsides.’
    • ‘They were climbing steeply up the mountainside by now, through rocky, hard terrain.’
    • ‘At times we could glimpse three levels of track down the forested mountainside to the valley.’
    • ‘It was a small cave in the side of a mountain; a crack about half way up the mountainside led to the opening of the dark place.’
    • ‘The chateau is surrounded by sweeping mountainsides, and its reddish soils and steep manicured vineyards provide brilliant Chardonnay, silky Cabernet and top quality Syrah.’
    • ‘Outside the villages, the fields and mountainsides are awash with jasmine, wild lupins, broom, poppies, cornflowers and white wistaria, leading the eye to gentle slopes cloaked in velvety green grass and pockets of dark green forest.’
    • ‘Would the same kinds of changes happen on other tropical mountainsides?’
    • ‘It grows in a lot of different climates, from jungles to high on mountainsides.’
    • ‘Barely a regular structure, road or building broke the contours of the mountainsides, whose ragged, stony slopes rose straight from the shore to a thousand feet.’
    • ‘The terrain near Alicante is quite nice with terraced olive groves on the mountainsides and orange groves in the valleys.’
    • ‘Many Andorrans still live in traditional, slate-roofed, stone farmhouses, often built against mountainsides to leave stretches of level land free for planting.’
    • ‘He sighed and ruefully gazed down the rocky mountainside to the glistening valley below.’
    • ‘In the harvest months of December and January, operators of a coffee processing machine in El Salvador receive trucks full of fresh coffee fruit many times a day, brought from families picking on the mountainsides.’
    • ‘The stairways and zigzag footpaths I hiked up on my way to the community were cut into the stone cliffs and mountainsides, clearly in ancient times, and the terracing represented countless generations of hard work.’
    • ‘The wind gently stirs, softly whistling as it swirls in the crevices and crags of the mountainside.’
    • ‘Species living high on tropical mountainsides, for example, have nowhere to go if temperatures warm their home turf.’
    • ‘Footpaths worn into loose rock on mountainsides can be as narrow as the width of two hiking boots, with thousand-foot drop-offs that can send any stumbling climber into an uncontrollable slide to icy glacial rivers.’
    • ‘The road that led out of Cassais had led him down a mountainside towards the seaside.’
    • ‘In contrast, other scenes show melting snows, which swell rivers that cascade down mountainsides in rushing torrents.’
    • ‘People who live in low-lying areas must move to higher ground to keep away from floods, while those who live on mountainsides must watch out for landslides after heavy rains and be ready to evacuate at any time.’
    • ‘These grow on moors and mountainsides, in bogs, and other places with poor and acid soil in most parts of the world, but are best known in N. Europe and N. America.’
    • ‘The snowline is creeping down the mountainsides.’
    • ‘During the brief 1991-98 period of peace, Eritreans organized themselves to terrace the steeply eroded mountainsides with endless ribbons of rock.’
    • ‘Also, coca farmers are migrating up mountainsides, avoiding the police but causing massive soil erosion and deforestation problems in mountainous areas unfit for intense cultivation.’