Definition of mountaineer in English:



  • 1A person who takes part in mountaineering.

    • ‘Calling a president a political failure is like calling Hillary and Norgay failed mountaineers: it is impossible to follow the logic, but readers presumably recognise the rhetoric.’
    • ‘Once the ski season is over, Andorra's mountains are still frequented by hikers, mountaineers, and rock climbers.’
    • ‘Veteran British mountaineer Chris Bonington, who climbed Everest in 1985, has now joined those demanding a change in the mountaineering culture.’
    • ‘Sherpas first became prominent to Westerners as British mountaineers set their sights on conquering Himalayan peaks.’
    • ‘Like all people who live in the mountains, they think mountaineers are mad.’
    • ‘Each year they receive dozens of calls reporting lost walkers, stranded climbers or injured mountaineers.’
    • ‘The British Mountaineering Council protects and promotes the interests of climbers and mountaineers.’
    • ‘But mountaineering involves risk, and occasionally a mountaineer must be rescued.’
    • ‘I was a rock climber and mountaineer, although I now confine myself to fell walking.’
    • ‘For more advanced mountaineers, there is the challenge of ice climbing.’
    • ‘For the legendary mountaineer Sir Edmund Hillary, scaling mountain peaks no longer remains the sport it once was.’
    • ‘Based on a true story, it recalls how two ambitious mountaineers set out to conquer a previously unclimbed peak in the Peruvian Andes in 1985.’
    • ‘He is a mountaineer, ice climber, expedition skier, guide, father of three, and intellectual authority on the singular history and geography of his beloved Iceland.’
    • ‘He took pride in pulling his weight despite being far younger than seasoned mountaineers like the 33-year-old Hillary.’
    • ‘It is an international fraternity of mountaineers.’
    • ‘According to Sir Chris Bonington, the veteran mountaineer and author, it would be a ‘huge achievement’.’
    • ‘Collen is an accomplished mountaineer, rock climber, alpine skier, and has several years experience guiding in the mountains of Vancouver Island and coastal British Columbia.’
    • ‘Blyth and Bob are extremely experienced mountaineers and mountain guides, and Blyth also runs the avalanche forecasting service in Scotland.’
    • ‘Reasoning that he and Jean Carrel ought to join forces instead of competing, Whymper tried to persuade the Italian mountaineer to work for him as a guide.’
    • ‘To climb Everest, mountaineers must work within a very tight and strictly enforced time frame.’
    • ‘‘When I think about it, my hands sweat,’ rock climber and mountaineer Conrad Anker says of the route.’
  • 2rare A person living in a mountainous area.