Definition of Mountain time in English:

Mountain time


mass noun
  • The standard time in a zone including parts of Canada and the US in or near the Rocky Mountains.

    • ‘The news came to FBI investigators 32 hours after he had checked himself into the West Virginia hospital, about 11:00 a.m. Mountain time, and it's a very welcome news for him.’
    • ‘The footage would be deleted from telecasts in the Central and Mountain time zones, where the series airs one hour earlier than on the coasts and presumably is seen by younger viewers.’
    • ‘Heading north on Mexico's Highway 200, I soon crossed from the Central into the Mountain time zone.’
    • ‘This is similar to much of Texas, which should (by longitude) be mostly in the Mountain time zone instead of the Central time zone.’
    • ‘And though they're not together physically, the way they keep in touch means they live almost on Mountain time, somewhere between Los Angeles and New York, Mandiberg said.’
    • ‘At 12:23 Mountain time, the results are as follows.’
    • ‘The same line separates the Pacific and Mountain time zones - and Arizona doesn't observe Daylight Saving Time.’
    • ‘A small part of Oregon is on Mountain time, and the Florida panhandle is on Central time, just one hour off.’


Mountain time