Definition of mountain hare in English:

mountain hare


  • A hare whose coat turns white in winter, found in upland and arctic areas of northern Eurasia. It is the only hare in Ireland.

    "Lepus timidus", family "Leporidae"

    Also called blue hare
    • ‘Rises in the numbers of sheep, deer and mountain hares have also been blamed for the increase.’
    • ‘The fear is that many young ground nesting birds, such as the curlew and grouse, and mammals like the mountain hare leverets, will have been killed and damage done to the whole biodiversity of the moor.’
    • ‘Surviving on a diet of wild mountain hares, the fugitive eagle has been seen soaring over the River Goyt in Romiley, hovering above Offerton, and darting across Saddleworth Moor.’
    • ‘Then, the ticks feed on mountain hares and become infected with a virus.’
    • ‘Had we allowed ourselves longer, we might have seen more - mountain hares, weasels, wildcats, ptarmigan and golden eagles can all be found in the Highlands.’
    • ‘The summit is, admittedly, rather featureless, even to expectant eyes, but there are good views in all directions and a good game on Ben Chonzie is to count the mountain hares.’