Definition of mountain everlasting in English:

mountain everlasting


  • another term for cat's foot
    • ‘A little gem to look for here is the very local mountain everlasting.’
    • ‘The caterpillars feed from August in the flower stems and shoots of mountain everlasting and hibernate there.’
    • ‘It encourages the growth of amazing wild flowers; including mountain everlasting, mountain aven, grass of Parnassus and a wide variety of rare orchids.’
    • ‘Over 160 different vascular plants have been recorded at Winskill Stones including noteworthy species such as spring sandwort, horseshoe vetch, meadow saxifrage, mossy saxifrage, mountain everlasting and moonwort.’
    • ‘The Peak District is a meeting point between northern and southern types of calcareous grassland thus, on south-facing slopes, southern calcareous species such as dwarf thistle are found, whilst on the north-facing slopes northern calcareous species, such as mountain everlasting, are found.’