Definition of mountable in English:



  • See mount

    • ‘One year, when I was small enough to do so, I had a lot of fun pretending that a furry rug on the arm of a sofa was some breed of mountable animal.’
    • ‘The unit, which company representative say has yet to be named, also came with a mountable stand that the USB drive can snap into and become a Web cam.’
    • ‘Although a silencer was attached, there was also a percussive shock absorber with a mountable tripod stand that had been removed.’
    • ‘The award, a mountable inscribed plaque, was presented to the project managers of the bridge, at a cocktail function in Midrand on 27 October.’
    • ‘The camera system comprises a lens apparatus with an image-taking optical system and a camera on which the lens apparatus is mountable.’