Definition of mound spring in English:

mound spring

(also mud spring)


  • A water supply rising from an artesian source through a surface mound of mud.

    ‘the mix of plants and animals around mound springs is found nowhere else’
    • ‘Mound springs in South Australia form an arc of about 400 kilometres along the Great Artesian Basin.’
    • ‘Mound springs, fed by the Great Artesian Basin, are home to a diverse array of aquatic invertebrates and fishes.’
    • ‘What are the unique flora and fauna of mound springs?’
    • ‘Fishes, such as desert gobies, are also common in many mound springs.’
    • ‘The book contains photographic plates of mound springs in South Australia.’
    • ‘Very few city people know about the mound springs.’
    • ‘Why are mound spring inhabitants endangered?’
    • ‘He found the first mound spring on 22 October 1858 and named it Emerald Springs.’
    • ‘The Overland Telegraph went through the mound spring country.’
    • ‘His work on the conservation of the mound springs of South Australia has extended over the past three decades.’