Definition of mouldiness in English:


(US moldiness)


  • See mouldy

    • ‘The mixture of fresh green, and slightly dusty mouldiness’
    • ‘From the old mold - and with some of the old moldiness.’
    • ‘The starter of oysters with potatoes and Dunsyre blue was really three starters in one (alas, the salty freshness of oysters doesn't complement the mouldiness of blue cheese); the confit duck leg came in a dense, treacly reduction.’
    • ‘There are about a dozen bags in all, each containing between two and twenty slices of various age and mouldiness.’
    • ‘Dried figs range in many dark colors, depending on the variety and whether sulfur has been added to maintain color, inhibit moldiness, and strengthen the skin of the fig for preservation.’
    • ‘A hard Norwegian cheese of exceptional mouldiness and sharp flavour.’