Definition of mouldboard in English:



  • A board in a plough that turns the earth over.

    • ‘Conservation or reduced tillage systems do not involve moldboard plowing and maintain some previous crop residue on the soil surface.’
    • ‘ARS scientists, working with NRCS and universities, have done the research that has encouraged farmers to largely put away the moldboard plow and switch to conservation tillage on about 40 percent of U.S. planted acres.’
    • ‘We are doing a huge amount of moldboard plowing and would really like to replace some of these passes with something that builds rather than damages the soil.’
    • ‘The scarcity of iron among the poorer folk delayed the adoption of the heavy plough with its iron share, wheels and moldboard, but it was known already in Carolingian times.’
    • ‘His sigh of relief is almost audible in this addition: ‘I shall now not be afraid of sending to the society one of our best ploughs, according to their request, with my mouldboard to it.’’
    • ‘Basic models, in which you adjust the moldboard and blade angle manually, can be used as a grader or a box blade for landscaping and ground preparation jobs.’
    • ‘After a quick pass with a chisel plow or moldboard plow, some trash will remain on the surface.’
    • ‘Effective erosion control is often achieved on flatter slopes by using a chisel plow, disk, or field cultivator instead of the moldboard plow.’
    • ‘My father used to tell of the lovely sound made by a horse-drawn mouldboard plough as it turned the furrow (not to mention the delicious smell).’
    • ‘Inspect dirt in moldboards and spoil around blade for presence of mines.’
    • ‘In six-wheel drive, all six wheels are powered to grip the ground in poor footing and add an extra 8,500 lb. of pull in front of the moldboard, a practical function for clearing wet ditches and working on bank slopes.’
    • ‘In the West Frankish realm (soon to become France), horseshoes, horse collars, and mouldboard plows suddenly came into use.’
    • ‘This one has a 14-foot moldboard and 243 horsepower at the flywheel.’
    • ‘We still moldboard plow most of our corn and soybean ground, so we are busy getting that tillage done.’
    • ‘It measures the rotation of the moldboard as the operator rotates it to manage both his materials and the true slope of the cutting edge of the moldboard.’
    • ‘Where soil has been moldboard plowed, sample to the depth of tillage.’
    • ‘The cutting edge is recessed into the blade's moldboard to form a smooth surface that rolls material off of the blade for good spreading performance.’
    • ‘Remove right side moldboard extensions and stow on moldboard.’
    • ‘We store seed wheat in a wooden grainary, we shovel starter fertilizer into the drills by hand, and we still use a moldboard plow (that always shocks no-tillers that I visit).’
    • ‘Heavier plows with wheels, horizontal plowshares, and a moldboard were invented, which cut down on manual labor.’