Definition of motorway in English:



  • 1A dual-carriageway road designed for fast traffic, with relatively few places for joining or leaving.

    • ‘The Highways Agency will be keeping as many lanes as possible open on motorways and trunk roads to help keep traffic moving.’
    • ‘Fewer than 1 per cent of fatal accidents happen on dual carriageways and motorways, yet many of these roads are now plagued with speed cameras.’
    • ‘There is a possible case for one more motorway in Britain, hugging the east coast as closely as practicable - not very closely, as it happens.’
    • ‘Last year 6,400 tonnes of salt were needed to keep West Yorkshire's motorways and trunk roads snow-free.’
    • ‘What other explanation can there be for maintaining a 50 mph limit on a clear three-lane motorway?’
    • ‘The motorways and trunk roads that divide this once green and pleasant land into hundreds of polluted islands are littered with the debris of everyday motoring.’
    • ‘At the moment, usage of the M6 is limited by the fact that, during a large part of the day, the number of cars on that motorway exceed its capacity.’
    • ‘Firefighters freed passengers trapped in the wrecked vehicle near Grunstadt on the Mannheim-bound stretch of motorway.’
    • ‘Contrary to popular belief motorways are the safest roads to drive on and the speed limit should be increased.’
    • ‘Specially installed fencing, underpasses and bridges over motorways and busy trunk roads in Essex are helping to reduce deer collisions.’
    • ‘He got a perverse enjoyment out of seeing people undertake him on quiet stretches of motorway and wondered why they got so hot under the collar.’
    • ‘He complained that it was unnecessary to spend €1.3bn on building this motorway.’
    • ‘Research shows that driver fatigue is a factor in approximately 25% of all accidents on motorways and trunk roads.’
    • ‘The busy M1 motorway was closed for nearly six hours yesterday after a pile-up involving 11 vehicles.’
    • ‘He said the hotel's proximity to the capital and the planned new motorway would help to attract visitors.’
    • ‘It was dusk and that stretch of motorway wasn't lit.’
    • ‘Two of the vehicles caught fire and the section of motorway was closed for five-and-a-half hours as wreckage was cleared.’
    • ‘Objectors to the Aire Valley motorway are in danger of being worn out by constantly having to send in their reasons for objecting, claims an action group.’
    • ‘Traffic on roads and motorways across the area was also busier and the situation was worsened by two accidents which created delays and tailbacks.’
    • ‘But the proposed new motorway could carry 55,000 cars a day on this stretch of road.’
    • ‘Vehicles travelled along the Wiltshire stretch of motorway at 56 mph — the speed HGVs are limited to.’
    • ‘The proposal for a new Midlands motorway was first announced by the Conservative government back in 1980.’
    • ‘Tiredness is thought to cause around ten deaths per week on Britain's roads and around a fifth of accidents on motorways and trunk roads.’
    • ‘Funding should have been available for this stretch of motorway.’
    • ‘The final stretch of Ireland's longest motorway will be officially opened by Taoiseach Bertie Ahern today.’
    • ‘Sections of motorway were shut down due to gale force winds.’
    • ‘The Highways Agency said that its 100 gritters and ploughs in the north west were out throughout the night and gritted trunk roads and motorways twice.’
    • ‘In the 1960s and 70s, gravel was extracted from the Mersey Valley to construct the then M63 motorway.’
    • ‘Road noise can be reduced by the use of quieter road surfaces, screens erected alongside urban motorways and dual carriageways and better traffic management.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, the RAC warned that many motorists could be seriously risking their lives by unnecessarily stopping on the hard shoulders of motorways and dual carriageways.’
    • ‘While major routes such as trunk roads and motorways receive relatively large amounts of cash, Scotland's local roads are in dire need of repair.’
    • ‘No new safety barriers have been fitted on existing motorways or dual carriageways in the past 18 months even though experts say they can save lives.’
    • ‘The most optimistic view is that the Dublin to Waterford motorway will be completed by 2010.’
    • ‘Remember: the speed limit when towing is 50 mph on single carriageway roads and 60 mph on dual carriageways and motorways.’
    • ‘Roadworks on England's motorways and trunk roads will be restricted to a minimum over the holiday weekend, the Highways Agency said.’
    • ‘Driving was relatively stress-free on the incredibly empty motorways and dual carriageways, and our trip also took us through some spectacular scenery as we crossed the Massif Central mountains.’
    • ‘Falling asleep at the wheel is believed to account for up to 20 per cent of crashes on trunk roads and motorways.’
    • ‘Since the beginning of January, the speed limit on certain Italian motorways has been raised to 150 km/h or just over 90 mph.’
    • ‘The Highways Agency, which is responsible for motorways and trunk roads in England, has also set up another working group to review the the provision of safety barriers on major roads.’
    • ‘The proposed new motorway could pass within four miles of the town, if it goes ahead in that area.’
    • ‘Slip roads on motorways and dual carriageways can be a real hazard.’
    street, road, roadway, avenue, boulevard, way
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    1. 1.1informal A wide, fast, easy ski run.