Definition of motorcyclist in English:



  • A person who rides a motorcycle.

    • ‘He saw the approaching rider raise his head and the motorcyclist began to skid.’
    • ‘Some states have adopted partial use laws requiring motorcyclists under 17 years old to wear helmets.’
    • ‘The Motorcycle Safety Foundation said they encourage and expect all motorcyclists to ride within their limits.’
    • ‘The Essex force has declared war on reckless motorcyclists in response to the recent alarming surge in bike-related accidents.’
    • ‘A 55-year-old motorcyclist was involved in a collision with a lorry.’
    • ‘For the same period in August last year 22 motorcyclists were killed on our roads.’
    • ‘He loved music, particularly heavy rock and was a keen motorcyclist.’
    • ‘The scheme aims to make it harder for motorcyclists to break speed limits, in order to reduce casualties.’
    • ‘Officers say speeds of 90 mph have been logged, and a motorcyclist was recently clocked at 102 mph.’
    • ‘Campaigners today demanded action to stop off-road motorcyclists tearing through a field - before someone is killed.’