Definition of motorcycling in English:



mass noun
  • The activity or sport of riding a motorcycle.

    • ‘Double world motorcycling champion Barry Sheene attracted a whole new audience to the sport during his 1970s heyday.’
    • ‘Our aim is to help motorcyclists enjoy their motorcycling and arrive safely at their destinations.’
    • ‘Other acts of anti-social behaviour reported to police in the town include off-road motorcycling, torching cars and slashing tyres.’
    • ‘He held down three jobs just to get enough money to continue his motorcycling career.’
    • ‘We try to promote responsible motorcycling.’
    • ‘Her hobbies include motorcycling, hang gliding and cliff diving.’
    • ‘I think it will help to ease congestion and make motorcycling safer.’
    • ‘They have put up signs making it clear motorcycling is forbidden.’
    • ‘Non-stop track sessions and parades are the centrepiece of Europe's greatest carnival of classic motorcycling.’
    • ‘On the weekend I went on an overnight motorcycling trip to the Snowy Mountains.’