Definition of motorcycle messenger in English:

motorcycle messenger


  • A person who is employed to deliver messages by motorcycle.

    ‘he had no telephone at his headquarters and used motorcycle messengers instead’
    • ‘She was a motorcycle messenger for the Royal Air Force during the war.’
    • ‘Cal was drinking a bottle of Guinness when the motorcycle messenger roared up.’
    • ‘The insurance company says the number of claims from motorcycle messengers is five times higher than those from ordinary motorcyclists.’
    • ‘A motorcycle messenger came down the road at a rapid pace.’
    • ‘He had been a motorcycle messenger during World War II.’
    • ‘He promised to send a motorcycle messenger over to pick the book up.’
    • ‘The trail party consists of the maintenance sergeant moving with a motorcycle messenger and the medic.’
    • ‘Each battalion was to provide the commando with one officer and one motorcycle messenger.’
    • ‘Los Angeles motorcycle messengers wore gas masks for protection against a record dense smog in the area.’
    • ‘Almost every German division had a motorcycle messenger platoon.’
    • ‘They watched a motorcycle messenger zoom into the yard, leap off his bike, and rush into the house with a large envelope.’