Definition of motorcycle escort in English:

motorcycle escort


  • A motorcyclist or group of motorcyclists accompanying a person for protection or as a mark of rank.

    ‘they arrived at the palace in a cavalcade of cars with a police motorcycle escort’
    • ‘We drove through town with the lights flashing and a motorcycle escort in front of us.’
    • ‘Gardaí will provide a motorcycle escort for the protests.’
    • ‘They pulled out of Roswell before dawn with a motorcycle escort down the highway.’
    • ‘The firm provides a limo complete with two smartly-dressed motorcycle escorts.’
    • ‘For several moments, the motorcycle escort officer and the two pallbearers stand motionless beside Myra's coffin.’
    • ‘When the team left the station, we had a motorcycle escort.’
    • ‘The officer worked as a motorcycle escort for official motorcades in the US capital.’
    • ‘The New York City Police Department gave them a special motorcycle escort down Washington Street to the grand opening festivities.’
    • ‘The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh have now been driven with a motorcycle escort to the President's residence.’
    • ‘When the plane landed in Cork, an army motorcycle escort accompanied the hearse from the airport.’
    • ‘The procession, led by a Massachusetts State Police motorcycle escort, traveled to the Hanover Center Cemetery, where the soldier was buried with full military honors.’
    • ‘There was a motorcycle escort, SUVs and bodyguards.’