Definition of motor oil in English:

motor oil


mass noun
  • Oil used for lubricating an engine or component.

    ‘the smell of motor oil and diesel fuel filled the air’
    • ‘The plastics are sold to plastic manufacturers as resin for use as motor oil containers or detergent bottles.’
    • ‘It was like drinking dirty motor oil.’
    • ‘The embassy confirmed that "several aircraft motor oil samples" were confiscated by Colombian police.’
    • ‘The grounds staff do the same with all their waste motor oils.’
    • ‘After a rainstorm, a thin film of motor oil covering a rain puddle has a rainbow-colored sheen.’
    • ‘It used to be that you had to switch to a thinner motor oil in the winter.’
    • ‘We're working on a project to determine the true costs and values of using recycled motor oil.’
    • ‘Used motor oil should be placed in sealed containers, and used vehicle batteries carefully disposed of.’
    • ‘The former category includes agricultural runoff and motor oil leakages.’
    • ‘After changing antifreeze and motor oil, take them to your local garage for recycling.’
    • ‘The oil change intervals are also rather long at 600 hours with conventional motor oils.’
    • ‘This is the world's leading synthetic motor oil.’
    • ‘Experimental technology includes the use of a biofuel boiler that burns discarded cooking oil and used motor oil from the store's auto center.’