Definition of motor mower in English:

motor mower


  • A lawnmower driven by a motor.

    ‘he ran straight over the flowers with his motor mower’
    • ‘In one hour, motor mowers emit pollutants equivalent to a car driving 350 miles.’
    • ‘The motor mower has a working width of 1.20 meters.’
    • ‘Motor mowers were generally classed as a luxury with prices outside range of most people.’
    • ‘Never leave a motor mower standing for months on a damp surface.’
    • ‘The culmination of his efforts was the successful introduction of the motor mower in 1902.’
    • ‘The handle of a motor mower flew out and hit him in the mouth.’
    • ‘George has never learned how to use a motor mower.’
    • ‘There is a lot on the evolution of the motor mower in this book.’
    • ‘For lawn areas over 200 square metres, there are large electric rotary mowers that are suitable and cheaper than petrol motor mowers.’
    • ‘It was the first rotary motor mower.’
    • ‘By 1960 most British tennis courts were being cut using petrol-driven motor mowers.’
    • ‘Organic farmers manually control the weeds with a motor mower.’