Definition of motor drive in English:

motor drive


  • 1A mechanical system that includes an electric motor and drives a machine.

    • ‘The book takes a very systematic approach to both installing and troubleshooting electric motor drives.’
    • ‘Engineers traced the problem to the electronics that control the tape player's motor drive.’
    • ‘This new microcontroller is suited for robotics and industrial networking applications as well as industrial high-performance electrical motor drives where it is responsible for processing and communication.’
    • ‘We built a variable motor drive for a washing machine and it added $250 to the final cost.’
    • ‘It's cutting edge stuff - the units I make are essential in power-saving applications as diverse as motor drive controllers, future generations of cars and even intelligent fridges.’
    1. 1.1 A battery-driven motor in a camera used to wind the film rapidly between exposures.
      • ‘What are the serial numbers of your camera, lenses, flash gear and motor drives?’
      • ‘As the fish was drawn to the boat, I switched the camera to motor drive then pressed the shutter button.’
      • ‘Repeating the procedure did not work, so Harry was forced to wind on manually, as the actual light meter was now working OK, with the motor drive removed.’
      • ‘Use your autowind or motor drive to fire off three or four successive shots to increase your odds of getting a winner.’
      • ‘With the new batteries, the motor drive and camera are functioning just perfectly.’
      • ‘As I scurried to retrieve my smalls, the whirr of a dozen camera motor drives signalled that the whole unhappy episode was being captured on film.’
      • ‘I normally use 2 or 3 camera bodies with motor drives when shooting fireworks.’