Definition of motor-driven in English:



  • Operated or controlled by a motor.

    ‘motor-driven cameras’
    ‘a motor-driven pulley system’
    • ‘The cover exemplifies pre-World War I America's fascination with all types of motor-driven transportation.’
    • ‘The first robot in space was a motor-driven mechanical arm equipped with a scoop on the Surveyor 3, which landed on the Moon on April 20, 1967.’
    • ‘A motor-driven magnetised arm sweeps round in circles, continually changing the patterns the filings make, thereby giving an alternative shape of the world.’
    • ‘As the motor-driven axle turns, the lines on the separate pieces of glass appear to join up and form complete circles.’
    • ‘The contact sheet shows two multiple exposures, caused by his motor-driven camera malfunctioning and not transporting the film correctly.’
    • ‘Herring wanted to attempt a flight in a motordriven biplane in order to gain the prestige and honor success would bring.’
    • ‘The computer, linked to a sensor in the heel, supposedly analyses the running surface so that a motor-driven cable can adjust the shoe's cushioning.’
    • ‘The Ministry of Agriculture officials accompanying them had half a dozen motor-driven spraying kits in the back of their pick-up truck.’
    • ‘He started his journey from Baildon Bridge in a red and white sleigh mounted on a motor-driven dray, which was surrounded by young spectators at each of the three stops on the route.’
    • ‘There are 36 motor-driven switch assemblies in the spacecraft.’
    • ‘A French stuntman using a motor-driven parachute to glide above New York harbour crashed into the Statue of Liberty's upraised torch.’
    • ‘To keep down costs, Brantely harvests the worms by hand, using a simple motor-driven grader that separates the worms and castings.’
    • ‘The silence rules out anything motor-driven.’
    mechanized, machine-driven, automated, automatic, power-driven, self-propelled
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